Real Black Magic That Work Fast In South Africa

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Real Black Magic That Work Fast in South Africa фитнес хаус на комендантском расписание занятий

He agreed with me however, never attributed it ever to African black magic. There are so many people who are Africans but still do not believe that black magic truly works!

I once was like that till I got the truth about African cultural practices that am always proud to share and help with people in need: below is one of my many episodes.

In the year 2000 when I was working hard to perfect my African voodoo abilities, I met with a local Luo diviner called Lumol from Kisumu in the Western part of Kenya. Lumol told me he possessed special ancestral spiritual powers that were  passed unto him from his greats. I found comfort working with Lumol because my spiritual abilities also came down from my grandfather.

Our mission was to restore rain, health, peace and love amongst other things in his village.

The day of the casting of spells started with the villagers gathering at Lumols homestead. We grouped them into categories depending on what problems they needed solved. Rain spells and calls were chanted, love spells were casted, health spirits called upon, the elders called on ‘Jok Kuc’ (spirit of peace) and when the chanting was done, I met with the women and men who wanted their homes to be cleansed of the infidelity roaming within their relationships. I went straight away to call upon ‘jok maa’ (spirit of love); the chants went on for about 10 minutes and soon everyone was possessed with the spirits and many were weakened to the ground…and that’s when I knew it was the right time to start casting pebbles (goyogagi) and this took about 10 more minutes till everyone was lying silent! I took seeds of millet (Luo staple food) and threw it over them that they may emulate from the same millet that has kept the Luo alive to this day- this would make them keep their husbands and wives forever. 

After all that and other specific chants, the patients got up and my helpers served them calabashes of sorghum beer to end the spell casting session.

This was a really great experience for me. It strengthened me spiritually. The energy of the spirits filled me up completely. Amongst other spells, the love spells are my clients’ favorite and has helped settle their families down.

Am glad that I can share my personal casting sessions with you.   I will be pleased to hear from you of your beliefs and problems that you may want me to help with. Just reply to this post or send me a personal message.


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